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Andrew Hill – Preacher

  • Hill Family

    Born in Tennessee

  • Raised in Pennsylvania
  • Worked in California, New York, China, and Tucson
  • Loves God, wife, kids, church family, animals, and fun
  • Favorite Scripture: Yes. I like the entire Bible. But if I had to pick a go to verse for today:  “God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 NLT
  • Favorite Movies: Yes. I like a lot of different movies, just not horror. And if I had to pick a movie: The Lord of the Rings movies are quite good.
  • Favorite TV Shows: Yes. If it is well done, clean, tasteful, then I’m usually curious.
    • Recent: Suits, The Good Wife, Downton Abbey, The Big Bang Theory
      Older: Breaking Bad, Lost, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld
      Classics: Get Smart, Taxi, Happy Days, M*A*S*H, I Love Lucy
  • Activities: Cycling – Unicycling, bicycling, and pulling kids in a trailer too! Hiking, juggling, Scrabble, reading, pilates, yoga, and philosophizing.

Here’s my life story (click if you want to read it all):

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I grew up as a preacher’s kid, the youngest of 4 boys. I am pretty sure I was in church within weeks if not days after my wintery birth in late January 1974. My mother was our Bible class teacher for many years. About the age of 9, I knew I would grow up to be a preacher, but there was so much to experience first. When I was 10 my father had some issues that caused him to leave the family, church, and yet always hang around.

I accepted God’s call on my life about a year later, as I was turning 11. Even before this I knew God was calling me to greater things, but never understood exactly how he would use a child from a dysfunctional family, a mentally ill father, and a product of divorce. I didn’t want to become my dad, so I started to dream of anything but ministry.

God called me back to himself many times. As a result, I have learned that God only uses broken people. So, in some ways we should all stay broken.

I went on to attend Ohio Valley University, when it was a college. I was involved in theater for the two years I was there. Harding University was my next step. I learned so much from Bruce McLarty’s home Bible study as well as personal times spent with him discussing life and how to make sense of it. Bruce helped me to start digging out of my personal dysfunction, I faced fears, becoming more honest and open with others about my struggles.

Fairfield Church of Christ and their ministry, Solano Christian Academy in Fairfield, California, was my next place of ministry which lasted for two years. It was during this time that I accepted God’s original calling on my life to be a minister in and of the Word. In Fairfield, I went deeper into my walk with God as I studied various facets of my conservative upbringing and the freedom to be found in Christ. One of many firsts: When praying with colleagues before work, there were mostly women, and having never had regular times of prayer with women leading, I learned God hears whispered prayers of godly women just as well as he hears boldly yelled prayers from young men. I also learned young men can pray quietly just as fervently as they can while yelling.

While ministering with the Amherst Church of Christ near Buffalo, New York I quickly began studying at Harding Grad – now Harding School of Theology. Amherst is where Jaime Hogan came into my life. We met on a Wednesday night, there was a baptism. I made sure to take pictures, especially of Jaime. I began a College Age Bible Study in my home that Fall as we had about 10 students of college age. As Jaime and I dated we read books on starting marriage well, how to overcome families of origin, and how to understand our identity in Christ.

From when I was ten years old, my brothers and I began studying and discussing how to have a healthy life. Around our dinner table we often discussed psychology, sociology, and all sorts of philosophical ideas as we used our family relationships as the models for how to and how not to live these ideas out. We didn’t do so well as teens, those were the experimentation years, but more so as we entered our mid-twenties.

One distinct memory from childhood has made a lasting impression. A lady at church camp watched me playing with younger children and babies and said, “You are going to be a great father!” This simple statement began a lifelong research project on how to be a great dad. I have watched families as if they were guinea pigs in my research project; read books on how to be a godly man, friend, father, leader, and servant; I have collected many father figures, men who have mentored me knowingly and unknowingly; and I have prayed throughout my life that I would live out a faith worth following.

We married October 18, 2003. We started the Campus Ministry at UB that winter, budgeting a mission trip at least once a year. We began focusing on international students through FriendSpeak and found ourselves in China for 6 weeks with Let’s Start Talking.

During the first years of our marriage we read most of the popular books on Christian marriage. Our families of origin were very different and we struggled for the first five years of our marriage to understand and respect those differences. The next five years had less struggling with one another, more submitting to one another and partnering to serve together. We are in the middle of the next five year phase, where I hope we continue to learn how to be a team, to have healthier conversations, and more listening to understand.

The next year, 2006, we moved to Shiyan, Hubei. We planned to be in Shiyan for one year that became two, which led us to Beijing and partnering with the Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas, Texas. We were in Beijing for nearly six years, rounding out almost 8 years in China. We were learning Chinese, receiving LST teams, training interns, developing church leaders, and planting churches.

Lucia Grace made her entry into our lives in the Spring of 2011. She was made in the Philippines and assembled in China from American parts. Her first travels were a train ride to the wedding of our Shiyan teammates who moved to Xiangyang, and a month later we flew to the Asian Mission Forum in Chiangmai, Thailand. Lucia Grace visited the States for the first time at 6 months old. Lucia Grace loves to talk, sing, dance, swim, play soccer, and mostly laugh and play with Zephaniah.

Zephaniah Clay quickly made his way into world and into our hearts in the Winter of 2013. Zeph is a wonderfully happy, smiley, content, and enjoyable little man who is learning to talk, but clearly communicates with great grunts and pointing. Z loves to give hugs, run, throw, and hit … he is all boy!

We have been in Tucson for just over a year now and love it! Mountain Avenue Church of Christ has become home, with wonderfully quirky family spread throughout Tucson.

Jaime and I have enjoyed sharing the Gospel together in Amherst, New York; Qingdao, China; Comonfort, Mexico; Shiyan and Beijing, China; and now Tucson, Arizona.

We enjoy Tucson and look forward to where God will lead our family at Mountain next. Please join us on this great adventure with God!

Jesse Warren – Campus Minister

IMG_5797Jesse Warren has been the Campus Minister with A4C since the fall of 2007. Jesse has a Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry from Harding School of Theology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education from Kansas State University. He has served three campus ministries on three different campuses:  Cats for Christ at Kansas State University (student, intern), University Christian Center at Oregon State University (Campus Minister Apprentice), and A4C here at the University of Arizona. He has been involved in campus ministry since 1998, his freshman year of college at K-State.

Jesse has been married to his wonderful wife, Desiree, since 2007. In 2013, they were blessed by the birth of their daughter, Raina. Jesse enjoys football, baseball, and basketball and enjoys following teams from his hometown area:  the K-State Wildcats, Kansas City Royals, and Kansas City Chiefs. He also likes weightlifting, camping, singing, and playing intramural sports.

Jessica Knapp – Youth Minister

IMG_5799Jessica has been working with our teens since 2001. She graduated from Pepperdine University, and still loves the beach (and Humpback Whales). Jessica has a PhD in Mathematics from ASU. She has taught at the U of A and Pima. She is also working on a Spiritual Leadership program at Harding Graduate School of Theology. Her experiences in higher education allow her to guide and help students from the youth group as they explore their college options.

Jessica married her husband and fellow adventurer in life in 2001.  Together they have produced three adorable little ones. She loves working with teenagers, reading, singing, teaching, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and traveling. She has a passion for talking about God and all things chocolate.

Carolyn Kellam – Administrative Assistant

CaptureCarolyn has worked at Mountain Avenue since April 2013, after coming to Mountain Avenue with her family in 2010. Carolyn serves as the church Administrative Assistant while also providing support for the staff, ministries and congregational needs. Carolyn and her husband John were married September 27, 1975, and have two grown children.

Carolyn earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Geography at The University of Arizona. She has served as church secretary/administrator for 5 churches over the past 30 years.  Carolyn taught children’s Bible classes for many years, beginning when she was in high school.

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